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Why Us?

At SiteColo, our mission is to offer innovative website hosting technologies. Our web hosting services are equiped with lavish hard drive space and data traffic allocations, domain registration & transfer options, intuitive Domain and Email Managers, multiple website hosting possibilities, as well as charge-free bonus tools, among them a one-click web applications installer and a site building tool. All accounts can be easily administered through our multilingual Control Panel. A round-the-clock client support service is available as well.


A point 'n' click hosting Control Panel

With your web hosting plan, you will get hold of our in-house built hosting Control Panel, which will make administering your Internet presence a breeze. With one click, you will be able to upload a file, to register a domain name or to create a new e-mailbox. It's that easy! You will also be granted access to detailed real-time traffic stats.

An all-embracing Domain Manager

Our proprietary Control Panel comprises a full-featured domain name administration tool from where you will be able to manage multiple domains at the same time. You will be able to register and transfer domain names with a single click of the mouse and to manage all their settings through this easy-to-handle GUI. You will be able to modify your WHOIS details and name servers, to lock and unlock domain names and much more.

A drag-and-drop File Manager

Your hosting package features an easy-to-work-with file management graphical user interface from where you can administer your files by means of simple drag & drop movements. It is incorporated in our in-house built web hosting Control Panel and enables you to upload/download, archive/unarchive, move and copy files easily. Integrated file editors will permit you to administer your files without needing to exit the hosting Control Panel.

Different datacenter facility locations

Since the datacenter location has a large impact on the performance of your site, we permit you to choose from different data center facility locations so that you can host your web site close to your visitors. We partner with 3 data center facilities located in the US, in England and in Australia. On the order form, just pick your web hosting plan and then select the datacenter facility that you desire and we'll activate your hosting account there almost instantly.

A quick web site installer

With your web hosting package, you will get hold of a site installation tool, which will help you launch your website with three mouse clicks. Simply select your website skin and the kind of web site that you would like to install (a blog, a shopping portal, an image gallery, etc.) and then click on the 'Install' button. It's just that easy! No coding or web design knowledge is required to use this tool.

A money-back guarantee

We offer premium-quality website hosting solutions and a 24/7/365 customer support service. With us, you will enjoy the fastest website loading speed possible. If you are not happy with the delivered speeds and with the quality of the service, then you can make use of our unconditional 30-day MBG. So, signing up with us is completely riskless.